Prove It Golf

the highest quality repair, fittings, and custom clubs.


Fittings and lessons

Putter Fitting- $50

30 minutes 

Stroke, loft, lie, length, weight, balance, head design, and grip are examined to find the best putter for you.  We can work with your current putter or find a new flat stick that will be perfect for you.


Driver Fitting- $100

60 minutes 

We all want to hit it long and straight.  This fitting will allow you to play your best off the tee.


Long Game Fitting- $100

60 minutes 

The focus of this fitting is maximizing the clubs you use to attack par fives and long holes.  Fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons.


Iron Fitting- $100

60 minutes

Looking for new irons?  hoping to get more performance out of what you have already?  this fitting will cover all areas of head design and shaft selection. 


Wedge Fitting- $100

60 minutes

Time to focus on the scoring clubs.  Loft, shaft, and set make up will be dialed in to allow you to attack any pin


Iron and Wedge Gapping- $150

90 minutes 

Analyzing launch monitor data will allow us to properly space your irons and wedges to provide you with optimal yardage gapping.  Price includes bending all clubs.


Lessons- $50

30 minutes 

Every golfer needs help in order to play their best.  We use a multitude of tools to point out ways to improve.  Your lesson can focus on anything you need to improve on including full swing, putting, chipping, and course management.


 Practice Time- $35

30 minutes 

Don't forget to improve your game with quality practice time in a controlled setting.  You will have full access to the GCQuad launch monitor.

Labor and services

Re-gripping- $3 and grip

If customer supplies grip- $5

save a grip- $5

Cut down a club- $5 and grip

Extend a club (includes the extension)- $10 and grip


Adjusting loft/lie for an iron or wedge- $7

Adjusting a set of eight clubs- $50

Adjusting loft/lie/face angle for a hybrid or wood- $15

Adjusting swing weight or m.o.i. with hotmelt- $40


Custom grinds- $30 and up

Custom stamping or paintfill- $15 and up


Re-shaft- $20

Re-shaft (customer supplies shaft)- $30

Swap shafts between two heads- $40

Remove rattle in a head- $40